Chiropractic helps heal through the clearing of dissonant nervous system patterns.  These dominant patterns may resonate ongoing in the nervous system following physical, emotional and chemical experiences dating back to birth, producing strain and drain or chronic overstimulation to the nervous system and leading to an accumulation of body tension, joint dysfunction, muscular imbalance, toxicity and stress.  If not addressed, such imbalances may manifest as all manner of symptoms, including pain and disease.

These patterns, when associated with malfunctioning spinal joints are referred to as, “SUBLUXATIONS.”  Subluxations specifically affect the spinal column, it’s joints, connective tissue, muscles, blood vessels and the nerves exiting the spine which ultimately control the entire body.

“SUB”=Less.    “LUX”=Light.    “NATION”=Body.       “SUBLUXATION”=LESS LIGHT in the BODY.

 Chiropractic Adjustments Release Subluxations Supporting Health.